Holy Detox, Batman

Detox symptoms started on day 2 with a mild headache and difficulty falling asleep. Day 3 was the worst by far – sluggish, headache, upset stomach and muscle fatigue. Happy to report day 4 was much better. My headache is gone and feeling less and leLIL SAD BATMANss sluggish. So, according to the Whole30 website’s timeline – tomorrow I might be kinda bitchy, hahah.  I hope not for the sake of all my colleagues, stay tuned for that one…

So, one of the many reason’s I am doing the Whole30 is because I have celiac disease.  I recently went for a check up with my GI doctor and today I got the results of my blood tests.  The good news is that almost all my blood work was good – the not so great news is that it was all ok except one of my gluten levels for the celiac panel of tests.  I am not really worried about it, it could have been exposure from gluten a while back – when I was still figuring out what is and what isn’t gluten free.  But, just to be safe I have to get an MRI to make sure nothing is going on.  Luckily for me, I spend most everyday teaching kids how to cope during radiology procedures, particularly MRI’s.  I am taking this as a positive as it gives me the opportunity to learn exactly what my patients go through, since I have never actually had an MRI.

Thanks to all who gave some suggestions for websites, it’s been super helpful.  I made a trip to Trader Joe’s today and stocked up on grass-fed meat and veggies.  Gotta go and get cooking!

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