Gratitude and laughter

9/11 is a day to take stock.  I remember the day clearer than any other and as a New Yorker for the past 12 years, it is typically a day of stillness, which contrasts the other 364 days.  But today, it was different and I am not quite sure why.  It could be time has passed, it could be that I live and work in a borough other than Manhattan,I just don’t know.  But today was different and it started in a very sweet way.

On my way to work, an elderly Caribbean woman carrying a cane walked up to me at the crosswalk while I was waiting for the light.  She took my arm and said in a rich Caribbean accent, “come on girl, let’s go. They can’t take all of us!” As she pointed her cane toward the sky and laughed a big raucous laugh. So, I went.  She led me across the street without fear and with such grace and humor – laughing the whole way.  It made my day.

Day 2 (technically day 6) was a good one, all told.  I am getting the hang of listening to what my body needs.  I tried something new for breakfast – chia seed “pudding”.  Light coconut milk, chia seeds, a small amount of cashew butter, cinnamon and a banana. It hit the spot.  One of the things I miss most is yogurt, this “pudding” reminded me a lot of the creaminess of yogurt and the chia seeds and almond butter pack a punch that kept me full till lunch.

Every day I feel more and more clear headed.  No headache at all today and definitely more energy.  Feeling gratitude for this day that I got to enjoy and be present for when so many have lost so much.

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