If you see the old me, don’t tell her I’m here.

I think I have hit the euphoric stage of the Whole30. I was preparing breakfast this morning and noticed even my banana happy bananahad a bruise in the shape of a happy face. I am getting in the groove of this thing. I have been able to easily fall asleep the past two nights and getting much better quality sleep – actually sleeping through the night – which is HUGE. I am still tired throughout the day, but not like before. Fingers crossed that it is not a fluke and that some variation of this lasts a lifetime.

I started this blog because I have tried to “get healthy” more times than I can count on my fingers and toes.  I have struggled with my physical health and weight since I was a very young child. I have lost a 100 lbs, gained a hundred pounds.  I have tried every weightloss plan on the market, I successfully cut out sugar for two years – felt great, only to “relapse” on a piece of peach pie.  What I have never done, is to take steps to consciously improve my physical health, to pay attention to what my body needs versus what my mind wants my body to achieve.  I am hoping that these words I write on this blog remind me how I felt before I started down this path.  Lethargy, misery, out of control don’t really begin to describe what was happening a mere seven days since I started  and they aren’t my baseline right now.  It is up to me to continue to remind myself of what those feelings are like and how easy it is for me to fall into old, bad habits and for those habits to consume me.

So, to help kick those bad habits I am trying to create new ones. I am embracing the idea that I need to learn to cook.  I am experimenting with some of the recipes I found on the blogs that the blogging community have helped me find.  Last night? Cashew covered chicken and sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil. Was quite delicious and easy.  And tomorrow, I am planning to cook enough for the week of lunches and dinners. Who am I?

One thought on “If you see the old me, don’t tell her I’m here.

  1. I am so thankful to have found your blog! I feel much the same way. 2 years sugar free to “relapse” on peach pie. That is so me. I used to think I was crazy that I would get that manic about sugar and sweets, but the more I read the more common it seems. Thanks for blogging and telling your story. It has been helpful to me as well.


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