musteatallcheeseWell, the euphoria has subsided, but it was nice while it lasted. In its wake I am left feeling decent physically, but my cravings for the foods that I have left behind are intense. I want cheeeeeese – string cheese, feta cheese, cheddar, I don’t care what word comes before cheese, give me some cheese!!!  Soda? A diet coke seems like it would be heaven. Thoughts have started to sneak into my head, wondering how I will give up sugar and dairy forever, making me feel pretty overwhelmed.  Sugar is like crack but I am actually allergic to dairy.

But alas, this is not my first rodeo. I knew this phase was coming and I know it will pass and then come back again.  I do know that for me, the Whole30 is my chance to escape my old habits and for my body and mind to heal.  It’s not like that for everyone, some are lucky enough to easily walk away from sugar for 30 days and then maybe in the future have a piece of birthday cake here or there and it not be such a big deal.  That is not my experience.  I have tried to make it my experience time and again, but it’s just not.  Just like an alcoholic will never successfully be able to drink just one drink, I truly believe that I will never be able to have just one cookie.  It’s always the first cookie, right?

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