Keep It Moving…

oscar on long leash
My dog leading the way

Well, I haven’t succumbed to my desire for cheese.  So, you know, I’ve got that going for me!

So far, I haven’t been following the directive to exercise, which is strongly suggested during the Whole30.  But, truthfully I just haven’t had the energy to get that going.  Did I mention that I am terribly out of shape?  Yeah, well the ice cream took its toll in more ways than one.

So, today I started my commitment to walking.  Starting slow, a mile walk with the dog around the neighborhood, He was in heaven. It was nice to commit to both of us.  He’s suffered at my expense over the last two years.  He gets love and attention, but I just haven’t had the energy or desire to take him on the walks he deserves and needs.  He’s 12, but still is as playful as a puppy and he and I both need that time to get moving.

Which brings me to my reflection of the day.  What I put into my body doesn’t just impact me, but it impacts everyone – human or animal – around me.  It puts strain on my friendships, it isolates me, it affects my moods, my ability to show up for the world in a way that I would like.  So, I will remember that as I go to a baby shower tomorrow evening and a wedding on Saturday.  I commit to staying true to myself today.

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