Paleo, Party of Four

Anyone with special dietary needs, whether it is food allergies or other other reasons, knows that being invited to dinner can be a stressful situation. So, when I come across a great restaurant that makes the menu choices clear and easy, I must share. If you live in or are visiting New York City, I heartily recommend Ellary’s Greens located in the West Village.

Ellarys Greens

They cleverly divide their menu into three sections: Proteins, Vegetables and Roots & Grains and each menu item is labeled as vegetarian, vegan dairy free or gluten free. A note – if you have celiac, be sure to make them aware as I am not entirely sure about cross contamination.

I had the crispy chicken breast and my friends and I shared the roasted cauliflower and the pan roasted sweet potato. Everything was delicious. Not only was it wonderful to be able to order with ease, it was so nice to be able to share food with my friends who have completely different dietary needs. I was too full for dessert, but my friend had the avocado chocolate mousse. It sounded disgusting, but my curiosity led me to try it – it was shockingly delicious. So good in fact, I am going to give it a try tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Do you have any paleo-friendly restaurant recommendations in your area?

Getting ready for Thanksgiving…

My first day back at work today – it was simply exhausting.  The last thing I wanted to do today was to cook.  But, I have a very crowded refrigerator right now with lots of veggies that need to be cooked and some left over rotisserie chicken. I decided to make Brussels sprouts with dried bing cherries and just heat up the rotisserie chicken.  It was simple, quick and delicious.

chicken with shredded sproutsThe meal ended up reminding me of Thanksgiving and made me look forward to my favorite holiday.  The sprouts were ridiculously good – sweet & salty.  I am calling it Brussels sprout stuffing – paleo style. The texture and flavors reminded me of the stuffing my mom makes at Thanksgiving that I can no longer enjoy because of my celiac diagnosis.

So here is the short list of ingredients:

Brussels sprouts (buy shredded or shred them in a food processor or use mandolin – just be very careful!)
olive oil
salt & pepper
dried cherries (I bought them at Trader Joe’s)

Just sautee the sprouts with some olive oil, season with salt and pepper, I also use Crazy Jane’s Mix Up Salt.  Once sprouts start to become tender and brighten, add the dried cherries (or cranberries could be used).  That is it!

I know I am not the first person to make this dish, but as someone who never cooked until about two months ago, I was really proud of being able to look at the fridge and throw something together that tasted good and was paleo friendly.

Oh yeah – I have transitioned from the Whole 30 to a paleo diet.  So far, so good.